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5v 50mm Fog Fiber Optic Gyroscope Sensor Low Zero Bias Gyro Angular Rate Sensor

5v 50mm Fog Fiber Optic Gyroscope Sensor Low Zero Bias Gyro Angular Rate Sensor
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Measuring Range: -500°/s~+500°/s
Zero-bias Repeatability: <=0.1°/h
Zero-bias Stability: <=0.1°/h
Bandwidth: >200Hz
Initialization Time: <5S
Communication Mode: RS422
Operating Temperature: -45℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature: -55℃~+75℃
Scale Factor Nonlinearity: <50ppm
Scale Factor Repeatability: <50ppm
Supply Voltage: 5v
High Light:

50 mm fog fiber optic gyroscope


5v fog fiber optic gyroscope

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AVIC
Model Number: F50A
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Sponge+ box
Delivery Time: 30 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200/MONTH
Product Description

50mm Fiber Gyroscope Sensor Low Zero Bias Gyro Angular Rate Sensor


Main Parameters

Serial number Test item Unit Technical requirements
1 Overall dimensions mm 50×50×32
2 Start time 5 5s

Zero bias stability

(10s smooth)

(°)/h ≤0.1
4 Zero-bias repeatability (°)/h ≤0.1
5 Random walk coefficient (º)/h1/2 ≤0.01
6 Scale factor nonlinearity ppm ≤50
7 Scale factor repeatability ppm ≤50
8 Operating temperature -40~+70
9 Storage temperature -50~+70
10 Dynamic range (°)/s ±500
11 Supply voltage V +5V
12 Steady state power consumption (full temperature) W <4
13 Bandwidth Hz ≥200



This product is an inertial angular rate sensor based on the optical Sagnac effect, which is used to measure the angular rate of the carrier along the sensitive axis of the product. The angular rate sensing unit of the product is an optical fiber ring, a digital closed-loop detection circuit is adopted to extract the optical path difference of clockwise and counterclockwise propagation light caused by the external physical angular rate, which is sensed by the optical fiber ring, and meanwhile, a voltage signal converted from an optical path difference signal is subjected to closed-loop feedback and control, so that the modulation and demodulation of the signal are realized, and the purpose of angular rate signal detection is achieved.


This product is composed of an optical angular velocity sensing unit and a signal detection unit, providing single-axis angular increment information and internal temperature information.


The products are mainly suitable for applications such as medium-precision inertial navigation systems, positioning and orientation systems, and servo stabilization systems.



The main components of the product are as follows:

  1. The optical path unit comprise an SLD light source, an optical fiber re, an integrated optical phase modulator, an optical fiber coupler and an optical detector;
  2. The circuit unit comprises a light source driving circuit and a detection and control signal circuit board;
  3. Gyroscope structural parts.

Overall dimension (mm): 50 ± 0.1 × 50 ± 0.1 × 32 ± 0.1 (L × W × H);

Installation dimension (mm): 43 ± 0.1 × 43 ± 0.1 (L × W), Φ3.2mm × 4, such asFigure As shown.

5v 50mm Fog Fiber Optic Gyroscope Sensor Low Zero Bias Gyro Angular Rate Sensor 0


5v 50mm Fog Fiber Optic Gyroscope Sensor Low Zero Bias Gyro Angular Rate Sensor 1


The relevant notes are as follows:

  1. In order to avoid damaging the performance of the gyroscope and reducing the service life of the gyroscope, frequent power-on and power-off operations should not be carried out in the process of using the gyroscope.
  2. Before the gyroscope is powered on, the power supply system shall be checked to ensure that there is no short circuit between the electrical points of the power supply and between the gyroscope shell and the electrical points;
  3. In case of abnormal operation of this product, the manufacturer shall be consulted. It is forbidden to disassemble and repair the product without authorization.
  4. The fiber optic gyroscope is a precision instrument, so it should be handled with care during use and transportation.
  5. The correct product input and output signal lines and power supply lines must be ensured;
  6. It is required to take anti-static measures in the process of contacting the product;
  7. The magnetic field intensity around the product location shall be less than 1Gs.




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