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FOG Based Gyro North Finder RS422 Serial Interface 24V

FOG Based Gyro North Finder RS422 Serial Interface 24V
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Product Name: Dynamic North Seeker
Span ( (/s): 100
Zero ( (/H, 1σ): 0.1
Zero-bias Stability ( (/H, Allan): 0.02
Accelerometer Range: 2g
Bandwidth: 50Hz
Power: 5~12v
Output: RS422
High Light:

FOG Based Gyro North Finder


Gyro North Finder RS422 Interface

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AVIC
Model Number: NF701-422
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton with sponge
Delivery Time: 10 days for sample
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000/month
Product Description

FOG based north finder measurement, precise north finder system


Electrical performance

1) Insulation resistance

The insulation resistance between the independent circuits of the gyro north finder, and between the circuit and the housing should not be less than 100 MΩ under standard atmospheric conditions.


External Interface

1.1.1 With 24V±4V power input.

1.1.2 With serial port output function, the serial port output is defined as follows:

The external communication port adopts the RS422 serial interface form, with 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and a baud rate of 9600bps. The data is in ASIC format.




Main technical parameters
Parameters NF701 Unit
North seeking accuracy (1σ) ≤0.1 °
North seek time ≤ 3 min
Horizontal accuracy (pitch and roll) ≤0.05 (1σ) °
Circular linearity (1σ) ≤0.1 °
Power-on preparation time 6 min
interface RS422 /
Weight <5.5 Kg
Dimension 150×170×172 mm
Working mode

After power on, it start self-test. After the self-test

completed, it will response to the upper computer’s north

seek command. And after north seeking, the north seeking

result will be sent to upper computer.

Environment requirements
Operating temperature -40 ~ +65 ° C
Storage temperature -45~ +70 ° C
Relative humidity 95 %
Appearance The metal surface shall not be rusted, and the coating shall not cause blistering or peeling.
Electrical performance
Power supply 24±4V
Power consumption <30W
Insulation resistance

The insulation resistance between the individual circuits of the gyro north finder and its circuit and housing shall be not less than 10 MΩ under standard atmospheric


MTBF ≥1000 hrs
MTTR ≤30 min


Use maintenance

1 During the use of the gyro north finder, if the power-on current is found to be greater than 1000mA, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. If the check is correct, you should ask a professional for repair.

2 If there is no serial port data output during the use of the gyro north finder, check whether the connection, the serial port setting and the data receiving format are correct, if the all is correct, you should ask a professional for repair.


Product Drawing

FOG Based Gyro North Finder RS422 Serial Interface 24V 0


About company

HONG KONG AVIONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED focuses on China's aerospace electronics export services, including gyro, accelerometer, satellite navigation, inertia turntable, test equipment for the main business, the company core team who graduated from the domestic well-known university of science and technology, and aerospace technology, aerospace science and industry, China's electricity, China north, ordnance industry, heavy industry, national defense science and technology university of science and technology research institutions such as a strategic partner, To provide users with professional product consulting, customized services, quality control services.


R&D and Innovation

In order to let customers have a better use experience, we have been working hard.


In the process of cooperation with customers, we provide customers with the support they need, for customers in the process of purchase, use may put forward any requirements, questions, provide a full range of solutions, so that customers buy, use more convenient.


Over the years we pay attention to the internal quality of products, through rigorous work, to create a unique performance of the product. To this end, we have established our own RESEARCH and development center, and constantly enrich and expand its strength.


We have a group of professional skills, industry experience of high-quality management and R & D technical personnel.

Company and Harbin industrial university, national university of defense technology, south China university of technology and other advanced education has established the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, undertaken the national key projects and major projects of production, study and study and so on more than 20 projects of science and technology, developed more than 100 high technology products, research and development of the attached transfer machine type inertial navigation system is to obtain X contest.


Development strategy

"One mind, Two merge, Three forces, five modernizations"


"One mind" :

Firm in the original aspiration of "serving the country by aviation", earnestly fulfilling the mission of "making China an aviation power";


"Two merge" :

Implementing a new development model of "military-civilian integration" and "industrial integration";


"Three forces" :

To become a world-class aviation enterprise group with "leading innovation, advanced cultural strength and excellent competitiveness";


"Five Modernizations" :

Adhere to the development path and principle of "intensive operation, accurate management, market-oriented reform, systematic development, international win-win".


FOG Based Gyro North Finder RS422 Serial Interface 24V 1












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