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Single Axis Motion Simulator For INS Test With Thermal Chamber

Single Axis Motion Simulator For INS Test With Thermal Chamber
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Product Name: Angular Vibration Table
Load Capacity: 5kg
Table Size: Φ300mm
Speed Range: 10000 Deg/sec
Rate Accuracy: 0,01%
Position Accuracy: 3 Arcsec
Rotation Accuracy: ± 3 ″
Max Acceleration: 15000 Degrees/second2
High Light:

Single Axis Turntable For INS Test


Thermal Chamber 1 Axis Turntable


Motion Simulator With Thermal Chamber

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AVIC
Model Number: 1AT320
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton with sponge
Delivery Time: 10 days for sample
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000/month
Product Description

Single Axis Motion Simulator For INS Test With Thermal Chamber




Serial number Project Indicators

Table top




Ø300 mm

Not less than 300 mm in Ø

not more 5 kg

Not more than 5 kg


Speed range, deg/sec

Speed range,

± 10000 deg/sec

Rotation, deg

Rotation, degrees

±360, not limited

± 360, unlimited




Rate accuracy on 360 deg rotation, %

360 degree rotation rate accuracy,


  • for speed range 0,25–5 deg/sec
  • Velocity range of 0.25 – 5 deg/sec


  • for speed range 5–10000 deg/sec
  • For a speed range of 5 – 10,000 deg/sec





± 0,001 deg/sec


Position accuracy, arcsec

Position accuracy, arcsec

± 3 arcsec

Max acceleration, deg/sec 2

Maximum acceleration, deg/sec2

15,000 degrees/second2



Payload, nominal:

Nominal Payload:

1 UUT (115x115x115 mm) weight 2,3 kg.

1 UUT (115x115x115 mm) Weight 2.3 kg.


Axis wobble, arcsec

Axis wobble, arcsec

± 2 arcsec

Slipping rings

Slip Ring

50 pcs., 2А/150V DC

50 PCs, 2/150V DC




Electrical feedthrough

Electrical feedthrough

D-SUB DHS-26 (2 pcs.)

D-SUB DHS-26 (2)

located in the center of the table

Located in the center of the countertop



Communication interface




Bandwidth, Hz, not less

Bandwidth, Hz, not less than


Electrical connection

Electrical connection

380V,60 Hz

380 V, 60 Hz


Ability to work with climatic chamber -70 … + 150C

Capable in the climate chamber-70 … Operation at + 150C



The ability to modulate motion (especially rate) according to the sine function. The operator can adjust amplitude and frequency of changing the rate of the table

The ability to regulate movement, especially velocity, according to a sinusoidal function. The operator can adjust the magnitude and frequency of the table rate of change

The table must be compatible with customer climatic chamber. The shaft diameter 136 mm, the length 250 mm.

The bench must be compatible with the customer's climate room. Shaft diameter 136 mm, length 250 mm.


The presence of the price which be located on vibration free foundation. The height if the frame not less than 200 mm.

The existence of price is based on the absence of vibration. The height of the frame is not less than 200 mm.



Single-axisturntableisakindofprecisetestingequipment,whichcanprovideangularposition,rateandacceleration inonedirection.

TheSingle-axisturntableisusedforthecharacterizationandcalibrationofgyroscope,inertialtesting systemandaccelerometer.Inaddition,thesingle-axisturntablecanalsoprovidedynamicmotioninonedirectionsuch asmotionsimulation,servocontrolandangularvibration.


ControlSystem:Highperformancecontrolunit,Highprecisionangularmeasurementsystem,PWMdigitalservo amplifier,Directdriveservomotor,etc.

KeyComponents:Bearing,Drivingmotor,Poweramplifier,Encoder,AD/DAcard,etc.(Adopthighperformance seriesproducts).


ProductCategory:Single-axisrateturntable,Single-axisrateandpositionangularvibrationturntable,Horizontal single-axisturntable.



About company

HONG KONG AVIONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED focuses on China's aerospace electronics export services, including gyro, accelerometer, satellite navigation, inertia turntable, test equipment for the main business, the company core team who graduated from the domestic well-known university of science and technology, and aerospace technology, aerospace science and industry, China's electricity, China north, ordnance industry, heavy industry, national defense science and technology university of science and technology research institutions such as a strategic partner, To provide users with professional product consulting, customized services, quality control services.







Single Axis Motion Simulator For INS Test With Thermal Chamber 0










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