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High Accuracy Position Two Axis Turntable With Temperature Chamber

High Accuracy Position Two Axis Turntable With Temperature Chamber
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System Name: Two Axis Turntable
Load Ability: 10~40kg
Flatness: 0.01mm~0.05mm
Rotation Accuracy: ±2″
Rate Resolution: 0.001°/s
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High Accuracy Two Axis Turntable


Temperature Chamber Two Axis Turntable

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: avic
Model Number: 2T320
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Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Product Description

2-axes motion test bench with temperature chamber 2 axis rate turntable high accuracy position turntable


TWO-AXIS turntable with temperature chamber is a complex modern equipment integrating optics and electrics. It plays a key role in the development of aircraft for semi-physical simulation and testing in the field of aviation and aerospace. It can simulate the motion of various attitude angles of aircraft in the full temperature and reproduce the various dynamic characteristics of its motion. According to the structure classification includes table type (UT) and frame type (UO) two kinds, according to the classification of use,TWO-AXIS turntable with temperature chamber can be divided into conventional electric TWO-AXIS turntable, manual TWO-AXIS turntable, temperature controlled electric turntable, etc.. Frame type TWO-AXIS turntable can be divided into conventional electric TWO-AXIS turntable, TWO-AXIS vibration turntable and so on. Generally speaking, the test object of mesa type TWO-AXIS turntable is inertial devices such as gyro, inertial unit and accelerometer. The table type TWO-AXIS turntable provides high-precision angular position, angular rate and angular vibration datum for the test object, and carries on the detection and calibration of inertial devices. The test object of frame type TWO-AXIS turntable is inertial group, which can be tested or calibrated by controlling the combination of Angle and position of the turntable. In addition, some frame type TWO-AXIS turntable can also be used as vibration table to provide dynamic datum for inertial group, seeker, pod and so on.


High Accuracy Position Two Axis Turntable With Temperature Chamber 0


Structural Vertical typeUT Horizontal type-UT Vertical typeUT
Functions PositionRateSwing Position RateSwing PositionRate
Table Size φ320mm/φ450mm/φ500mm(Customizable) φ320mm/φ450mm/φ500mm(Customizable)
Table Material Stainless steel/Aluminum alloy
Load Ability 10~40kg(Customizable)
Flatness 0.01mm~0.05mm 0.01mm~0.05mm 0.01mm~0.05mm
Jerk Value 0.02mm~0.08mm 0.02mm~0.08mm 0.02mm~0.08mm
Rotation Accuracy Outer frame ±3″ Outer frame ±3″ Outer frame ±3″
Inner frame ±2″ Inner frame ±2″ Inner frame ±2″
Rate Resolution 0.001°/s 0.001°/s 0.001°/s
Rate Range 0.001°/s~400°/s 0.001°/s~400°/s 0.001°/s~400°/s
Angular rate accuracy and smoothness 1×10-5(360°Average)1×10-4(10°Average)1×10-3(1°Average) 1×10-5(360°Average)1×10-4(10°Average)1×10-3(1°Average)
Position Accuracy ±2″~±30″ ±3″~±30″ ±2″~±30″
Position repeatability ±1″~±15″ ±1″~±15″ ±1″~±15″
Position Resolution 0.36″ 0.36″ 0.36″
Angular position range Inner frameContinuous& OuterframeContinuous
Angular acceleration 300°/s² Customizable 300°/s² Customizable 300°/s² Customizable
Swing range 0°-±45° 0°-±45° ------
Swing cycle 2s-20s 2s-20s ------
User slip ring 60Rings Customizable 60Rings Customizable 60Rings Customizable
Interface RS232/RS422/Ethernet RS232/RS422/Ethernet RS232/RS422/Ethernet
With Temperature Chamer YES YES YES
Precision of temperature control ------ ------ Customizable
Test Target Gyro,Accelerometer,Magnetic sensor,IMU Gyro,Accelerometer,Magnetic sensor,IMU Gyro,Magnetic sensor,IMU
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