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Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer For High Temperature Applications

Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer For High Temperature Applications
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Function: Acceleration Test
Threshold: 30μg
Material: Stainless Steel
Scale Factor K1: 1.8~2.4mA/g
Working Temp.: -40℃+150℃
Noise: <3000µg-rms (0-10000Hz)
High Light:

Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer


stainless steel Quartz Flexure Accelerometer

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: avic
Certification: CE
Model Number: AV4
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: sponge+ box
Delivery Time: 10 days for sample
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500/month
Product Description

AV4 Accelerometer.pdf
Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer for High Temperature Applications

  • Drilling and Inclination Measurement
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Instruments and Equipment


  • Low lag
  • High resolution
  • High stability
  • High accuracy
  • Low power
  • Excellent overload capacity
  • Small volume
  • Low cost
  • Broad measurement range

Index Table

No. Parameters AV4-1 AV4-2 AV4-3
1 Range ±30g ±30g ±30g
2 Bias K0/K1 <10mg <40mg <40mg
3 Bias comprehensive repeatability σK0 (1σ,1 month) <50µg <250µg <250µg
4 Thermal coefficient <50µg/℃ <150µg/℃ <150µg/℃
5 Scale factor K1 1.1~1.4 mA/g 1.1~1.4 mA/g 1.1~1.4 mA/g
6 Scale factor monthly comprehensive repeatability σk1/k1 (1σ, 1 month) <80 ppm <250 ppm <250 ppm
7 Bias thermal coefficient (full temp. mean) <100ppm <200ppm <200ppm
8 Installation error <1500µrad <1500µrad <1500µrad
9 Vibration <100µg/g 2rms (50-500Hz) <100µg/g 2rms (50-500Hz) <100µg/g 2rms (50-500Hz)
10 Noise <3000µg-rms (0-10000Hz) <3000µg-rms (0-10000Hz) <3000µg-rms (0-10000Hz)
11 Working temp. -55~96℃ -55~125℃ -55~180℃
12 Impact 500 g 0.5ms 1000 g 0.5ms 1000 g 0.5ms
13 Sinusoidal vibration 25 g @30-500Hz 25 g @30-500Hz 25 g @30-500Hz
14 Resolution <10µg <10µg <10µg
15 Bandwidth >300 Hz >300 Hz >300 Hz
16 Consume current <20 mA <20 mA <20 mA
18 Power dissipation @ ±15VDC <480 mW <480 mW <480 mW
19 Input voltage ±13 to ±18V ±13 to ±18V ±13 to ±18V
20 Weight <65g 55nominal <65g <65g
21 Mounting diameter Ф25mm1.0inches Ф25mm Ф25mm
22 Height <21.5mm <21.5mm <21.5mm
23 Shell material 300 Series stainless steel 300 Series stainless steel 300 Series stainless steel

AV4 series quartz flexible accelerometer is a high temperature and anti-vibration accelerometer, the product has excellent repeatability, starting performance, high temperature and high reliability characteristics, it can be used for static testing and dynamic testing, it is also a standard vibration sensor.
Products adopt unique high temperature design, packaging process and special circuit, product output current is proportional to the measured acceleration, the user can calculate the appropriate sampling resistance, achieve high precision output, and according to the user demand built-in temperature sensor, used for the partial value and scale factor compensation, reduce the influence of environmental temperature. QA 650, T185, T160, JAE series products can be replaced in situ, but we adopt double torque structure, it is different from other company products. We can make the accelerometer bias value and scale factor more stable; it is launch since 2010, this product has delivered thousands of products. After years of application, it has become a mature product, especially a large number of applications in the drilling measurement of oil drilling
Application fields: inclination test of bridge, dam, oil well, coal mine, etc., high-speed railway control, ship stability control, etc.
Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer For High Temperature Applications 0
Advanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer For High Temperature Applications 1

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